Let’s wrap up the popiah roll and enjoy BCM310


Typical Popiah Roll found in Malaysia ūüôā

Well, Well, Well, the time has come where the joy of sharing all kinds of emerging issues of BCM 310 has ended officially. To begin with it all started with the word of ‚Äúblogging‚ÄĚ by Miss Rohayu and I went OMG again?… oh well, time flies where now I am typing the final blogspot and to begin with what I had learned for the entire time of this great subject is mainly about the issues that are emerging in today‚Äôs world and people tend to ignore or not aware of. I enjoy understanding the concept of Pink Washing, E-waste , white bread media and moderating conversation. At first I would think that the concept of company doing pink washing is to help those whom are needy ones but right after the chapter of Pink washing, it changes my view completely different where most of the companies are just tapping into the bandwagon and promote their products at the same time gaining profit rather than benefiting the whole event course which is to help the people whom are suffering breast cancer. Now I would even thinking twice when companies promote their products especially we can see nowadays ‚Äúbuy a product and then your help the poor or charity‚ÄĚ so on. I will think that is rather more of profit earning than doing the right thing. Then , here comes the e-waste where I‚Äôve learned about the hidden cost of creating an I-phone where they uses tons of different materials and they abuse on the labor force in China by paying them $1dollar for intensive working hours. At the same time, I never knew that the e-waste/ or commonly e-recycling done by major companies are not aware of where their electronics being shipped to would ended be. This is where something that the authorities should foresee as most of the electronics would be burn in an open area without the consideration of people around there that would risking their health. How immoral can human being be for the sake of money and self satisfaction.

Additionally this topic is also brings an eye opener for me especially I’ve learn a lot things at the same time the laws and enforcement of Malaysia in multimedia and IT world like Security Act, firms like MCMC  to control the content and so on. Not forgetting this subject has also encourage students to think critically and make more research on how this emerging issues can affect todays world even some issues like stereotyping (white bread media) has been for years but nobody is taking consideration about it. This has change my way of viewing issues especially when comes to discrimination or even racism where we are born equally and nobody is right or wrong so let not be racist or discriminating people because everybody has their strength and weaknesses.

Till then, I would like to thank Miss Rohayu for once again for the courage of teaching us and patient when comes to explaining some complicated terms. I am proud and happy to have Miss Rohayu as a lecturer due to her professionalism when comes to lecturing.


E-waste: Where is your old gadgets heading to?

What do you understand about E-waste? According to an online explanation, ¬†E-waste is a term used to cover almost all types of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) that has or could enter the waste stream. Although e-waste is a general term, it can be considered to cover TVs, computers, mobile phones, white goods (e.g. fridges, washing machines, dryers etc), home entertainment and stereo systems, toys, toasters, kettles ‚Äď almost any household or business item with circuitry or electrical components with power or battery supply (Step 2013). This simply explains why there are more campaign of recycle and reuse and so on been carrying on every year to combat the problem of accumulation of open burning and wasting unused electronic items that could be a potential health risk to the worldwide. Furthermore, the (Maxwell & Miller 2012), mentioned that there are total of 20 to 50 million tons of electronically items being generated annually from the e-waste system where very much are mobile phones, television and the growing computers that these technologies are constantly improving in short period with great innovation technologies that make people keep on changing new gadgets. In fact, many people are starting to aware of the tossing off old electronics in to the dustbin can have hard time for the environment that produces harmful gas and toxins that goes to the atmosphere. There is where most recycling centers will be there for public to dispose their old devices into respective bin that provided by companies. However, have you ever thought of where will the devices go to? ‚Äú Let say You dispose your old Nokia phone into Nokia center, what are they going to do with your old device? Recycle? Well older plastics are not bio-degradable friendly, and the board are said to produce harmful toxins and so on‚Ķ.what do you think will these companies done to the old phones?.

Your use to be cool Iphone, or Nokia or whatever gadgets you owned before will ended up here….what about the people living there?…

Well, look at the quote by (Castilo 2011), where he stated that ‚ÄúThe dirty little secret is that when you take [your electronic waste] to a recycler, instead of throwing it in a trash can, about 80 percent of that material, very quickly, finds itself on a container ship going to a country like China, Nigeria, India, Vietnam, Pakistan ‚ÄĒ where very dirty things happen to it,‚ÄĚ

No what dirty things will happen there?

Take a look at the picture, where would your e-waste heading to?

¬†India,China,Africa are few of the countries that e-waste being sent to without much consideration on the people. Wait..Malaysia and Singapore are the one received and despatch to other the poor countries and burn there….this is not good at all!! ¬† **Credits to Greenpeace.org

Yes, this is where some old electronics will be landed on and open burning will be done to destroy the electronics but the evidence will always be there and the people who lives there are going to suffer too due to harmful substance produced from the burning. But how long and how many space will they find until the whole world is filled with harmful toxics that harm the whole ecosystem?

In the nutshell, there is a need of standardization where setting a more bio-degradable plastics are needed where now we have bio-degradable plastic bags, but why cant we have bio degradable phones where in general people change their phones in 1-2years time especially with the invention of great smart phones that constantly hit the market in less than a year, I would say making bio-degradble phones would help in reducing the impact of environment in long run. Some companies like Nokia are designing bio-degradable phone where noticeably we can see currently is their accessories, battery are bio-degradable without compromising the technology and performance of a phone.


Nokia, Siemens,Motorola, what else?

Fact: ‚ÄúNokia has developed their first biodegradable Green Mobile Phone viz Nokia 3110 which uses about 65% recyclable materials and the company is already working to promote recycled mobile phones in USA markets.‚ÄĚ (Pal,2008)


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Online Moderation Of Conversations

On this week lecture, it focuses on the emerging issue that most of the people encounter today is ‚Äúmoderation of conversation‚ÄĚ. This is a fact where ever since the newer technologies and with the things that everything goes online now may seem to have some impact for users around the world.¬† Ever notice that most of the online platform we are using now have the ability for people to comment on a matter posted whether is your facebook, twitter or even personal blogspot?. Have you encounter any unpleasant experience when people commented on your page? This is the issue where with the no boundaries of internet user access on ability to do what they want, users are prone to getting online abuse with the words use on a party. According to Martin (2012) touches that the need of moderation in online dialogue is important in today‚Äôs society as the moderation will be done by a gatekeeper to keep an eye on the activities and posting that happening in websites to avoid any issues between public users when someone comments a provocative reply that would causes spark of anger among others. Some websites requires an approval by the moderator to make sure that the posting does not sound provocative and is credible enough for public viewing to avoid misunderstanding.

On the other hand, Couldry (2009) argues that, the public have the ability to read what is right or wrong on the content they would want to know. It is an important factor to minimize the gatekeeping effect where people have the ability to know which one interest them like the recent Boston bombing that killed few people. I might say a certain of moderation is important on such alarming news to prevent more speculation emerge. Some might say it’s an accident; some might say it a terrorist bombing and so on. With the power of internet, people have the rights to know what is true or wrong and make further judgment from the information they gain. For example  there was a phone circulating around facebook right after the Boston bombing where it claims that a 8year old were killed in the bombing. But is there any evedicence to proof that she is killed? About.com (2013).  But the truth is the picture was fake and was taken from the 5k charity running years ago. We have seen many of this fake and untruth claims that happening around our social networking Facebook that somehow people get confuse on whether true or wrong.

‚Äú5 viral stories of boston bombing that is not true: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/16/tech/social-media/social-media-boston-fakes‚ÄĚ

However, even there is the openness of online materials publish but there is a certain extend of limit when users are using. Some might say, hey the online world is about you voice out your openness and you own opinion why is there restriction or so?. But the main fact that, most of the online users are not aware of the ethics and law in cyberworld. In Malaysia for instance, there is communications and multimedia act  (1998) that holds an umbrella to most of the crime and problems related to internet. There is no doubt that online comments and materials publish whether it is truth or not should be moderated as I feel that, people rely on the online information these days whether is purchasing a new product or to get some knowledge, it’s all based on the comments left behind by the public who voice out their opinions. This is important for the people who are reading the information/comments are getting the right one not just simply base on feelings when replying a comment. So gatekeepers are there to ensure that the comments publish do not go against the law of multimedia act in every country.

Martin, F 2012, ‚ÄėVox populi, vox dei: ABC Online and the risks of dialogue interfaction‚Äô, in¬†Histories of Public Services Broadcasters on the Web, editors N, Brugger and M, Burns, pp. 177 ‚Äď 192, Peter Lang, New York

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The White Bread Media

How do we define others?

How do we define others?

What is white bread media? In general term ,it is known as a typical¬†biasses¬†or discrimination that happens in the media world where the media plays a typical stereotyping roles of each individual without much in consideration the after effects of a materials publish into public views. Although people might see this a normal thing but it is an arising issue of media using stereotyping or discrimination that commonly found in advertising and even Hollywood movies up till today. In past study done by researcher Shrikhande (2003) mentioned that, elements like stereotypes and discrimination can have a bigger negative effect on women where commercials are typical relate them as ‚Äúhappy housewife‚ÄĚ as a cultural directive which in turn may lead them to put aside their own desires regarding career and personal life and replace them with the ‚Äúideal‚ÄĚ presented through popular culture including advertisements shown on TV. Thus we still always think that there are still gender separation when comes to certain task even the world are changing where we do see more men are capable of being managing household task much better than we assume. What does stereotyping have to do with us? (Dyer 1999) claimed stereotypes are a form of ‘ordering’ the mass of complex and inchoate data that we received from the world are only a particular form to do with the representation and categorization of persons. This is where all this of discrimination and stereotyping categorizing on women are only ideal to be housewife is all portray from the media especially in Soap Dramas, Hong Kong TVB dramas, Family Shows and more that in the long run it will making people into believing into that women are only capable of being a housewife. Not only gender is commonly being talk about but when comes to racial context, there are actually more damaging than people think. Like commonly Muslims are¬†labelled¬†as ‚Äúterrorist‚ÄĚ ever since the 911 bombing which involves 2 planes crashing into World Trade Center by Osama bin Laden and his members. This has shocked the world and people were then afraid of Middle East people when approaches them even for good sake. There is even some movies portray middle east typically with white customs and long beard as terrorist whenever they found in planes. Furthermore, there is more western movies that portray Middle East like Arabs, Syria or even desert areas are usually a place that war happens in Iron Man, Soul Plane, Don‚Äôt Mess With Zohan and more. How discriminate can it be the media people portraying them.? What would happen to these people whenever they want to travel around? However, things started to change eventually where Dreher (2014) pointed out that in Australia, there are TV Show like Salam Caf√© that encapsulates the shift in representations of Muslims in mainstream media where typically the media always portray Muslims as terrorist in most of the Hollywood movies. Salam Caf√© was picked up for national broadcast by SBS TV where it features young, media savvy Muslims Australians as regular¬†panellists¬†where discusses about issues of dialy experiences and current world. Well, in my point of view, this is a good thing where with the program air commercially, the perception of Muslims being¬†labelled¬†as terrorist will eventually fade out sometime and this would help other ethnicity to understand better about Muslims rather than concluding something that is not solidify or simply by portrayal of mainstream¬†media¬†on stereotyping on Muslims as.

In the nutshell, there is no control on the media and advertising companies that using elements that would causes prejudices on certain group of people. However, the people can control from what kind of information they exposed to and make necessary judgement before making up conclusion that a certain issue is true or not. Before that, take a look of these advertisements that is done in the early century where it contains extreme element of racism where Owni 2013 mentioned that “racism in advertising during the early times was extremely racist and was almost accepted as rooted in morality even though in modern times, things has changed but there are still traces of this outdated mindset that focuses on clichés and stereotyping issues.


‚ÄúThe soap ‚ÄėDirtoff‚Äô makes me white!‚ÄĚ
“With Javel S.D.C, you can bleach a negro and it still acts as a soap

‚ÄúWhile the context of these ads are appalling, unfortunately for the time period they were considered normal. They were all published at the beginning of the 20th century, as the actual abolition of slavery took years to implement.‚ÄĚ (Owni 2013)

The aborigines are commonly portrayed as slavery of the whites in France during late 1880’s

The aborigines are commonly portrayed as slavery of the whites in France during late 1880’s

Scandal broke where media highlights the chocolate and vanilla uses Obama and White House Background as the character to promote the new ice cream of chocolate coating with vanilla cream

Scandal broke where media highlights the chocolate and vanilla uses Obama and White House Background as the character to promote the new ice cream of chocolate coating with vanilla cream

and also the issues of double standards when Jeremy Lin being first Asian to become NBA player and gain over famed in short time

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAh_OuJo2ZM (CNN: Niggardly ways for Blacks? Double Standard for Asian Stereotypes)


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The Digital World for Disables- We are Talented Too!


common sign you see it everyday? do you care about them? or even think about how is their current situation?

What does disability means to you? Well, in most of people‚Äôs point of view, when they talks about disable person they would assume ¬†impairment of physical body on them but however the form disability would means more than actually people thinking of like impairment like in terms of physically, cognitively, or even mentality¬† where all this may happen during birth or even lifetime. According to World Health Organization (WHO), their way of describing disability is¬† ‚ÄúDisabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. Impairment is a problem in body function or structure; an activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participation restriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations‚ÄĚ ( WHO, 2013). So be thankful to god that you are born without impairments and stop complaining about each of everything as if you were unhappy of your current belongings and living, what about those who are born or suffering from disability that limiting whatever they are doing. This would limiting their communications or succeed in life certainly the society would view them differently and not a contributor to the economic. Some companies even discriminate and prohibiting disable people from applying job to work there due to their disability they have.

However with the latest innovation like computers and smart phones, it has assisted the disabled people in making life easier. Although most gadgets are not created with disability in mind but you be surprise to see some of the smart phones do have a function the ease these people for example like bigger fonts for easier reading. Those who are having speech impairment can use the phones to spark a conversation with other friends like whatsapp or wechat simply by typing messages to them. This has improved the way they communicate and make them feel better rather than being left out. According Goggin, G & Newell C (2007) supports that technologies played an important role in highlighting accessibility to and inclusiveness of information technology. This would certainly be true as with smart phones like Iphone and Samsung, they embedded a software program that enable to help the disable person that have difficulty in reading font simply by enlarging the size automatically, and then couple years ago phone manufactures have began to introduce phones that can enable loudspeakers while on the call to help those have hearing difficulties. Additionally, Iphone have also developed an app that features a narrator when a person points a finger on the apps that simply help for the blind people. Voice control systems such as¬†¬†‚ÄúNuance‚Ä̬†allow users to dictate messages to be typed on computers and phones, while also converting displayed text on phones into intelligible speech according to May (2013) How cool is that? Along with that, these tools have help them to communicate with others in order to keep in touch with the love ones without having fear of blaming their impairments due to unable to be a part of the social community trend.

Furthermore, if we talk about television show or news, in Malaysia we only have sign language applicable on RTM 1 prime time news. Sadly the broadcasting industry does not see this practice as an important factor to help the disable ones. Does it why the money making money broadcasting industry do not see that as an important factor as they assume they do not watch tv because they are disable or impairments? Well, sadly to say there is no strict laws on these issue as people would rather view it as an entertainment that flows smoothly without any distraction like additional images or interpreter that spoil the viewing experience. However, subtitles can be one of the factors that assist the impairment people like difficultly in listening but they can catch up by reading the subtitle at the same time enjoying a show.

Don be surprise that these disable people are actually tech savvy as well and they knows more than most people where some of them uses instagram application that they use it for taking pictures and share with the world. Some would see it as an ordinary picture but, a picture can tell a thousand words and this is very meaningful especially for this people. In a way they can get connected and make more friends simply by using this social applications in today’s world.

Check out the video below as Iphone developed some applications that assist disable people at the same time staying in touch and not left behind with latest technology of smart phones world like anybody else.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ojd9hpyh9eE (Iphone- Apps help disabled)

What do you think?

Or this?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=P1e7ZCKQfMA (How Blind People Use Instagram)

In nut shell, be grateful with everything you have now and appreciate with it. There are a lot people who do not wish to be disable are still happily with themselves but they continue to strive to achieve sometime to make sure they are memorable as well.


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The Walled Garden- What is it about?


Surrounded by A wall? walled garden? limited access?

            First of all what does feudalization means? Well in my point of view, it is an authority that holds a power to control the lower rank and least powerful people in controlling them to obey rules of the high authority people who are in power. Let’s say Mr. Mars is a landlord in land A, the people around there have follow what is requested and order to prevent being kicked out if reluctant to do so. Feudalization Internet shares the same meaning such as YouTube for example, we as a normal user must abide the rules and regulation set by YouTube such as copyright videos and etc to avoid being banned from their site.  

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Then advancement of technologies along with Internet over the years has become a largest topic that everybody talks about. It gives the flexibility for user around the world to search any content they want in just split seconds. Oh maybe even faster with the latest high speed broadband and¬†fibre¬†optic internet cable that promises speed up to 100mbps that enables faster download. People were happy about it where the ability of fast internet speed that can just access to any websites or downloads / upload any files whenever they want. However there are some problems that higher authority might face where with the wide spread of information. Then here comes the term call ‚Äúwalled garden‚ÄĚ where according to (Rouse 2005), walled garden is an environment that controls the user’s access to Web content and services. In effect, the walled garden directs the user’s navigation within particular areas, to allow access to a selection of material, or prevent access to other material. Typically, it happen in most of the countries where take China for instance where they block most of the social networking like Facebook, Twitter, BlogSpot sites by banning the ISP of every sites that they think would impact their citizens. The nitizens of china left no choice but to use their very own social networking sites like Ren Ren, Doubon, We Chat and etc. As compare during the early days where Internet was still maturing, there is no things like firewall, ISP blocking but fast forward to the late millennium era where Smartphone ¬†and table pc begin to invade the world like tiger where the first Apple Iphone begin to hit market. It has change the way people accessing content whenever they would want to find out. If we look out in a bigger picture, technologies also being walled garden where the famous company that patents everything would be Apple. In an article written by (Hillesley 2012) mentioned that walled garden ties users and developers into a limited subset of outlets and technologies. Some mobile providers, notably Apple, are the sole gatekeepers of their content, and are able to control the technologies, accessories and content available to their users, and to control the fees and policies they impose on their content creators. This is certainly true where Apple users are solely tie towards their technologies from software up to their hardware some even say their accessories as well. This is very unlikely on Apple‚Äôs rival counterpart like Windows or other OS where it has the flexibility for developers and end users to decide what they want for their systems rather than being fixed in way. Even accessories on Windows computer and phone are easy customizable compare to Apple where all require to use their specially design accessories. Heavy on your wallet right? Some might argue hey its Apple you know!

ImageThe wall garden also exist in information flow in media where according to Suffian’s article, The example on ruling government party that controls the information on what is happening in the country to prevent the netizens to know what is the opposition doing. Over the years since the great impact of 2008 political history, netizens where complaining about the unfairness towards the opposition party that prevent them from delivery their speeches/content through the mainstream media where it is control by the ruling party. The only way that opposition can reach out their message is via Internet access such as social networking like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as they left no choice but to use this medium effectively yet impactful to the netizens.  


easier way or best way for opposition to delivery their message?



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The University Age-ee


ebook is taking change but how feasible would that be?

There is a saying from people saying that the technologies that we have today will replace the great old white sheet of papers that used last time. Ever since the improvement on technologies like internet couple up with high bandwidth data transfer, searching any information can be done in just few clicks of buttons via google.com . This certainly can be seen that, the younger generations are mostly tech savvy as compared to baby boomers where majority would find them hard to digest some of the information posted online. However this is not the case for the generation X, Y, Alpha which will rule the world in next coming years. According to Miller (2012), claimed that ‚Äúwe are fortunate to be living through the greatest change in human communication in human history.‚ÄĚ This certainly true especially Internet changes the education industry, where universities are coming out with new way of teaching the students and minimizing the conventional methods like bringing physical books, searching book at the whole library and even run across to other places to get information from people if you need it urgently.

Now every material are integrated to form a richer learning experience where we started to see lecturers combine all sorts of reading material like journals and websites for students to understand better instead of only in a book. As I can recall before enrolling university, I rely on the famous Wikipedia and other sources to form a platform of obtaining information but since then, with the openness on editing the information, the credibility can sometimes be questionable. Then with the  introduction of youtube and online platform, learning can be fun at time and the term call media convergence where all are combine to one  and this enables audiences to have a bigger choice of media along when viewing at the same time (eg: video and news in a webpage). This certainly relevant as Miller (2012), mention that World Wide Web provides is the opportunity to work with the most powerful media of our time on the project of making thought visible. This enables students at university to do their task with all kinds of ways when obtaining information. Things like e-journals and e-books are rather popular online database that every student in university does in searching by getting more information on a written assignment they are doing. However, take Elsevier for instance, they are charging a hefty price on journals without the consideration of public but rather seeking for profits for the company. Three issues on Elsevier’s business being brought up Neylon ( 2013) which journal prices are too high, their bundle sales system is a profit devices that sells unwanted journals, and supporting Research Works Act that would hinder researchers and universities ability to support open access

Let’s take a quick currency class where the averages of Elsevier’s journals would costs from at least a close to $35= RM100 where it is impossible for students to buy it given the fact that the price of text books required in every semester are making them a headache too.  Campbell (2011) agrees that journal should be free because in the modern world of Science 2.0 there is no reason at all Science should force people to buy a subscription or PLoS should force researchers to pay to publish a study. So in my opinion, i would say providing a free source journal database would certainly be useful for every people out there as information  and knowledge are meant to be shared in order to keep each of every individual improve but not by getting profit purely only. Editors and researchers can work together to switch their journals to open access sources that would benefit the public and as well as the researcher’s credibility due to the widely availability of the journal being view by public. In the long run, people would able to know the researcher especially the research paper is good. Some might argue that editors and researcher’s hard work deserves a good pay off simply by selling their journals to public who wants it. But the boycotting of Elsevier online journal puts a whole new level to public eyes that journals should remain free or even lower price for users.

Should Journals be free? or?

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